Sundays, 6:30pm – Bible Teaching

Sunday evening at 6:30 is our principal time for Bible teaching. This is usually the biggest service of the week in terms of attendance, and we’re usually joined by people from other churches across quite a wide area which don’t have an evening service. The format varies a little from week to week but usually lasts around an hour to an hour and a quarter including hymns, prayers and an address of around 35-45 minutes focused either on a specific passage of Scripture or on a Biblical theme. Tea and coffee are served afterwards to allow time for informal fellowship.

Sunday evening preachers arranged for the coming weeks:

November 1stJohn Wilcox
November 8thDavid MurrayThe Doctrine of the Trinity
Its History and Biblical Authority
November 15thDavid MurrayGod the Father and His Family
November 22ndDavid MurrayGod the Son, Our Lord and Saviour
November 29thDavid MurrayGod the Holy Spirit
Our Teacher, Guide and Strength