Sundays, 6:30pm – Bible Teaching

Sunday evening at 6:30 is our principal time for Bible teaching. This is often the biggest service of the week in terms of attendance, and we’re usually joined by people from other churches across quite a wide area which don’t have an evening service.

The format varies a little from week to week but usually lasts around an hour to an hour and a quarter including hymns, prayers and an address of around 35-45 minutes focused either on a specific passage of Scripture or on a Biblical theme. Occasionally we may have a missionary speaker, either as an individual or representing an organisation.

The first Sunday evening of each month is a Youth Service to which all young people up to 120 years old are welcome.

Tea and coffee are served afterwards to allow time for informal fellowship.

Sunday evening preachers arranged (God willing) for the closing weeks of 2018:

Oct. 14thJ. P. Ernest
Oct. 21stDavid MurrayWhat is a church, and what is it for?
Oct. 28thDavid MurrayWhat did New Testament churches do?
Nov. 4thGordon Thompson
(The Faith Mission)
(Youth Service)
Nov. 11thBert McCaig
Nov. 18thAlec Passmore
Nov. 25thJim McCallum
Dec. 2ndVinny Commons(Youth Service)
Dec. 9thVisitors fromThe Barnabas Trust
Dec. 16thMike Hattersley
Dec. 23rdJohn HeronCAROL SERVICE
Dec. 30thJohn Sewell