11:30am Family Time

Who is it for?

Our Sunday morning family service at 11:30 is called “Family Time”. In practice, of course, there are single people there as well. It might well be called an “All-Age Service”, the point being that the content is designed to have something for all types of people – for the young, for people not accustomed to church services or to New Testament Christian ideas, and for adults who’ve been experienced Christians and church members for years.

What does it consist of?

First of all we should say that the atmosphere is far more relaxed and informal than many other services. For example, we often sing Happy Birthday to people who’ve had one in the past week and we sing children’s Christian songs as well as the usual hymns. There may be a quiz on some Bible theme, usually related to the content of services in recent weeks.

Is there a regular programme?

Until late-2014 we have not often had a pre-planned programme of topics or themes. Recently, though, we have started (although not quite every week) to organise each service around a theme, and if you click here you will find a listing of subjects dealt with in the last quarter of 2014 under the heading Some Christian Basics.

As we develop the programme we’ll use this page to let you know. We’re currently working on preparations for the first quarter of 2015.