Gospel Literature

Good News paper - distributed in Kirkby StephenAt approximately four-monthly intervals we distribute around five hundred copies of the “Good News” paper to homes in the town, and sometimes additionally to villages around.

“Good News” carries short easy-to-read stories and articles, with no complex theology but plain-English explanations of our need of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

For example, in Sept. 2011 there was a piece about the writer of a famous hymn (“Rock of Ages”), and an article, “Why do people suffer?” The back page has an article asking “Who is Jesus?” with quotations from C S Lewis who in addition to writing books like the Narnia chronicles wrote extensively about his Christian faith. Looking inside the current issue (July 2012), you will find a “wordsearch” puzzle, a fascinating story from the 1924 Olympic Games, and an interesting sequal from the 1952 Games. Two other challenging articles are, “The Bible that was pawned” and “Who has the answer ?”