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For some time now the theme of of our Family Service on the last Sunday of each month has been “Lessons from Old Testament History”. We started in Genesis and have now reached the kings.

We’ve learned from the lives of the warrior king David, and in the past two months from his son Solomon, “the wisest man in all the earth”. But what comes next? Does the kingdom continue to prosper?

Come and see at 11:30am on Sunday.

We’re coming toward the end of our first selection of Psalms (just three more to go) and this week we have Psalm 32 (“Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered”). The discussion will be introduced by David Filby.

After the Bible study there will be a short Church Meeting to confirm the appointment of new trustees.

This morning David Filby will be leading our Family Time at 11:30am,then for the evening service we look forward once again to welcoming Will and Sue Marsden of the SportsReach ministry.

We need to remember in our prayers several who will not be with us today due to poor health. Also the Brewer family who will be away leading a service at Goosnargh in Lancashire.

It has become increasingly important for websites to be easily readable on small devices such as tablets and smartphones. For this reason we’re currently rebuilding the site. Anyone who has visited here before will have noticed a substantial difference on this front page. Other pages will also be changing. Please be patient with us as we go though the upgrade process.

Tomorrow morning at 11:30am (Sunday, 7th June) we are looking forward to another Family Time in the current series, “Encounters with Jesus”. David Filby will be leading the service and we’ll be thinking about the day that Jesus met with officers sent to arrest him – but the time for that had not yet come, and instead of arresting him they went away enormously impressed with the power of his words.

In the evening at 6:30pm we re expecting Ronnie McCracken from Northern Ireland as our preacher. He’s over here once again with a team evangelising among the gypsies at the Appleby Fair. Probably one or two members of the team will be telling how they came to trust and follow the Saviour.

Psalms on Thursdays

Starting on Thursday June 18th we hope to commence another series of Bible studies, this time focusing on the book of Psalms. No, we’re not going to attempt to study them all; there are a hundred and fifty. The Psalms are made up of five books (see Introductory Note on the Psalms – written here more than three years ago, and useful in the present context). To start with we’ve selected thirteen from Book 1. See the calendar.

When the Introduction was written, back in October 2011, it had been intended to add many more short articles based on the psalms. A few were written. Now we’ll try to build up the collection as we proceed with the Thursday studies.

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