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For November’s monthly 6:30pm Youth Service we were pleased to welcome Gordon Thompson from Glasgow. Gordon is an evangelist with The Faith Mission, having previously been a Baptist pastor. He was also with us earlier in the day for our Family Service at 11:30am.

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Preachers expected for Sunday evenings to the end of 2018 are here

Finally for now, please do not be confused by the fact that the previous post to this relates to Christmas 2015

For some time now the theme of of our Family Service on the last Sunday of each month has been “Lessons from Old Testament History”. We started in Genesis and have now reached the kings.

We’ve learned from the lives of the warrior king David, and in the past two months from his son Solomon, “the wisest man in all the earth”. But what comes next? Does the kingdom continue to prosper?

Come and see at 11:30am on Sunday.

We’re coming toward the end of our first selection of Psalms (just three more to go) and this week we have Psalm 32 (“Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered”). The discussion will be introduced by David Filby.

After the Bible study there will be a short Church Meeting to confirm the appointment of new trustees.

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