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We’ve several special events to announce this weekend involoving visits from both a team from The Faith Mission and Dr. Alec Passmore.

Firstly, on Friday evening at 7.30 p.m. the Faith Mission will be launching their annual Cumbria Bible Rally weekend, this first meeting being hosted by our friends at the Upper Eden Baptist Church in Kirkby Stephen. The team will then be at several other locations over the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday evening at 7.30 p.m. and Sunday morning at 11.30 a.m. at our own Gospel Hall on Mellbecks we’re looking forward to another visit from Dr. Alec Passmore.  In the Saturday meeting he will be exploring what the Bible actually teaches about End Times Prophecy.  On the Sunday morning he will preach at our Family Service.

Then finally, our Sunday Evening Youth Service, 6.30 p.m. at Mellbecks, will be led by the Faith Mission team.

You’ll be welcome at any of all of these.

On October 7th we enjoyed a visit from Charles Price, over in this country for a while from Toronto. It was one of our Youth Service evenings and it was good to see more than half the congregation under the age of twenty-five.

Youth Service with Charles Price of Toronto

Youth Service with Charles Price of Toronto, October 2018

Charles is more used to large congregations in many parts of the world, and we really appreciated his willingness to give the evening out of his busy schedule to visit Kirkby Stephen. He reminded us, from the Bible story in John’s Gospel chapter 4, of our Lord meeting a woman by a well and that we all need the spiritual life that only Jesus Christ can give.

Another widely travelled Bible teacher who has visited us often over the years, and whose ministry we enjoy, is Dr. Alec Passmore. He was recently with us once again, and in addition to preaching he explained something of his work in distributing the Hebrew Scriptures amongst Jewish people – the Old Testament of the Bible, the Tanakh, in its original Hebrew language. Here he is holding a copy, printed with Hebrew and English side by side.

Photo of Dr. Alec Passmore with a copy of the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh

Dr. Alec Passmore with a copy of the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh

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