Flooding Update

As everyone knows there has been a lot of flooding in Cumbria during the week. We had not expected to be affected. John Heron tells me that in more than fifty years he has never known the church building to be affected by flood water. Saturday, however, was different. Mellbecks was like a river. We suffered from an ingress of water affecting the entrance foyer, the kitchen and the main hall.

We were, therefore, not able to hold services in the Hall on Sunday. We joined with the Baptist church at their 10:30am service. For the evening at 6:30pm the Baptist Church agreed to let us use their premises, for which we are very grateful.

This was, however, not flooding of the kind seen in other parts of Cumbria but only an inch or two of water which rapidly drained away. There appears to be little or no lasting damage and after some hard work over the past few days we were able to meet in the Hall for our prayer meeting and Bible study this evening. Those who have suffered far worse were very much in our thoughts.