Sportsreach 2013

Thursday, 30th May
Visit from
Dr. Kevin Roy (South Africa)
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2013 SportsReach – Week 2

The SportsReach team will be with us again for Sunday Family Time on 26th May


Sorry we don’t have photos from the actual Saturday football, but here’s a picture from the Sunday morning SportsReach Family Time.

The young people had completed an outdoor Treasure Hunt earlier in the morning. They then came together for an hour in a specially adapted version of our regular Sunday morning Family Time, led by the SportsReach team.

Below is the original announcement of the weekend activities.

SportsReach 2013

We’re once again at the time of year for a visit from the SportsReach team.

To book (boys and girls, 7-14 years) please contact John Heron on 01768-341559.

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