Psalm 77 – The Deeds of the Lord

This morning my attention was caught by two verses in Psalm 77:

“I will call to mind the deeds of the Lord; I will remember your wonders of old. I will meditate on all your work, and muse on your mighty deeds.” (Psalm 77:11-12, New Revised Standard Version)

Hebrew poetry often works by repetition of the same idea in slightly different words. Here we have a double repetition, giving four similar statements.

“Call to mind … remember …meditate … muse”. There are forms of meditation that call on us to empty our minds. Meditation in the Bible is quite the opposite and calls on us to fill our minds. We are to fill them with thoughts of God, which means that we need to fill them with His Word, for that is where we learn of God.

Here the Psalmist’s thoughts are of “the deeds of the Lord … your wonders of old … all your work … your mighty deeds.” As we think back to what God has done, and preeminently what he has done through Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord, we bow in worship.

But this is not only about the past. The same God who raised Jesus from the dead is still the God of power and resurrection. We can still look to him to do great things in our world today … and He does!

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