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Sunday, 11:30am, Family Service

Sunday, 6:30pm, Bible Teaching

Thursday, 7:30pm, Prayer & Bible Study

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This morning we had a great congregation for the Family Service all across the age ranges from childhood to eighties. Here’s a photo, though unfortunately I couldn’t get everyone on using my phone camera, and it was taken against the light.

Here’s another shot. John Heron (not visible, off the right of the picture) was leading the service and spoke both about the importance of remembering – “Remember your creator” – and the truth that, when our faith is in Christ, God does “not remember” our sins.

When the service was finished chairs were moved around, tables brought in, and we enjoyed lunch together as we do regularly on the first Sunday of each month.

Tonight, for our monthly Youth Service we’re expecting Alistair Patterson from York, an evangelist with the Faith Mission, as the preacher.

We were recently given a painting showing the Gospel Hall as it was before the extension was built on the front. Some may remember it. Others may be interested.

The Gospel Hall, Mellbecks as it used to be

The painting clearly shows that the building was originally two cottages. Back in 1876 when the church first started to use it as a meeting room there was no garage on the lefthand side, and no house to the right. They both came later. The then owner, Mr. Harker of the Manor House, allowed it to be used rent-free, and that continued for the next 75 years until a later Mr. Harker presented the building as a gift to the church.

For our 6.30 p.m. Bible Teaching service on the next three Sunday evenings David Murray will be looking at three passages of the New Testament which, each in its own special way, present the greatness and glory of Christ.

10th March – John’s Gospel 1:1-18 – “The Word made Flesh”

17th March – Colossians 1:15-20 – “Image of the Invisible God”

24th March – Hebrews ch.1 – “The Outshining of His Glory”

Our Lord Jesus Christ was truly human, but also much more than a man. In these three passages we’ll see something of the infinite greatness of the Son of God, our Saviour.

Note: A series on the Church at Thessalonica was previously mentioned. This will hopefully follow later in the year.

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